We think of humans as moral creatures, subject to justified limits.  Both humans and animals kill, yet it is only human killing that partakes of sadistic pleasures that go beyond the boundaries of instinct and the boundaries of survival.  This series was conceived of as a companion and contrast to the Footnotes of History, which documents aspects of human cruelty.  



“The time has come,” the Walrus said






George Promised to Be Good but It Is Easy for Little Monkeys to Forget






A Buffalo Does Not Feel the Weight of His Own Horns






You Do Not Teach the Paths of the Forest to an Old Gorilla







Do not speak of a rhinoceros if there is no tree nearby    






The Boy Who Cried Wolf






The Unimaginable Loneliness of the Bullfighter







Captain Hook’s Nightmare





The Lion's Share






The Champawat Man-eater Claims her 436th victim 1907   






Bear Hug